Frequently Asked Questions

TrexMachine is a machine that obeys your orders and does Trade in your favorite exchange 24 hours a day. Define the rules of buying and selling, build your strategy and wait for the operations that will be created automatically by TrexMachine.
Yes, you can. We offer you more than 3 language preferences. Click the drop-down in the footer to select the language.
At this moment TrexMachine works with Binance and Kraken. More Exchanges will be added soon.

In each executed order (buy and sell), TrexMachine will charge 0.20 % of the traded value. This amount will be charged from your balance.

When your balance ends TrexMachine will stop trading until you reload your account.

TrexMachine is a site that operates entirely on Cloud with scalable resources to guarantee the quality and reliability of the service. So go to the platform, make your settings clicking on start, turn off your computer and everything will continue to work.
TrexMachine integrates with your Exchange through the API provided by Exchange. You must generate an API key in your Exchange and register that key and its secret in TrexMachine so that it can perform operations on your Exchange.

Do you have any questions that were not addressed? Our customer support team is available to clarify. Contact our support service.