TrexMachine is an innovative platform designed to operate and monitor the cryptocurrency market. Do your work, avoiding hours to monitor the markets.

TrexMachine is able to operate on numerous exchanges, applying the rules that its users define. This platform operates 24 hours a day, ensuring that changes in the markets do not surprise you, always with the aim of facilitating the maximization of your profits.

TrexMachine allows you to define rules for sale and purchase, based on profit or loss or even based on analyzes as well known in this environment as MACD, RSI, BOLL, among others.

Maximize your profits, do not just follow intuition, build your entry and exit rules in the markets, apply your knowledge and sustain them with mathematical analysis.

TrexMachine was created to respond instantly to changes in markets and was created to help you. It is the only platform in the market capable of operating without rest, able to react to the minute, without letting slip a single movement in the market of cryptocurrency.

The TrexMachine team continues to work daily to improve the platform, offering you more and more tools to define your rules, to guarantee the quality of the platform and the services we offer. Leave your input and suggestions to the TrexMachine team and all together, we will make TrexMachine more and more efficient.